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Welcome to the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) .ISCAS is a leading research institute in China, which focuses on the fundamental theories of computer sciences as well as software technologies and their applications.


Fruitful results have been achieved on computer sciences and software technologies in the last twenty years by ISCAS. Twenty-eight Achievement Awards at academy, ministerial and state level were obtained by ISCAS (ISCAS is the first major contributor to the Awards). The awards won by ISCAS ranged from State Natural Sciences Award (1 first prize, 2 second prize and 1 third prize) to State Science and Technology Progress Award (6 second prize, 2 third prize). And it’s worth mentioning that ever since the State Natural Sciences Award was issued, the only first prize award in computer sciences field and 1 out of the 3 second prize awards were given to ISCAS. With 3 state key laboratories and 3 national engineering research centers, ISCAS represents China’s top level research capacity in IT area.


Looking into the future, it provides ISCAS with huge opportunities and challenges. As the new CAS guideline goes, adhering to Scientific Outlook on Development and focusing on enhancing innovation ability, ISCAS will remain its sustainable development policy, promote the development of computer science and software technology and accelerate the increase of IT industry. ISCAS hopes to make more contributions to China’s S&T, economy and social development through technology transfer, talents cultivation and culture dissemination.


We are creating a set of special fellowship for foreign scholars, and we will support research and foster international cooperation in broader scope. Welcome to join our team or establish partnership! Thank you for your concern and support!

Director of ISCAS