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Currently the following three researchers are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences:





Prof. DONG Yunmei, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is one of the pioneers of computer software research and development in China. He has done a lot of systematic and creative work on theories, techniques, and tools of software, and on Chinese information processing. In early 1960s he developed with his colleagues the first pragmatic high level programming language BCY and its compiler in China, which had long been used and had significant effect in practice. He solved several issues in formal grammar, syntactical analysis, and program testing during 1960s and early 1970s, prior to some famous work in the world on the same issues. In 1980s he first proposed a method and implementation techniques for high quality Chinese font design on computers. He took the lead in investigating software reuse techniques in China in mid-1980s. His recent research interests include software specification and software design methodologies. 



Prof.ZHOU Chaochen, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is one of the pioneers in the research of distributed programming theory in China. In 1991, he was interested in real-time systems, and jointly with Professor Hoare and Ravn proposed a continuous-time interval logic called Duration Calculus(DC) which can specify the real-time systems. Owing to its originality, DC has been well recognized in the formal methods area, and has attracted scientists from more than twenty countries to further develop it. From Aug. 1997 to Sep. 2002, Professor Zhou served as the director of the International Institute for Software Technology, United Nations University. 



Prof. LIN Huimin received Ph.D in Computer Science from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 1986. He is currently a research professor and the director of the Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was elected a Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999. Prof. Lin’s research interests include: concurrency and mobility, model checking and modal logics, formal methods, tools and algorithms for concurrent systems. He designed and implemented Process Algebra Manipulator PAM/VPAM which is the first parameterised interactive proof tool for process algebras. He is a co-originator of the "symbolic bisimulation" theory for value-passing process algebras. Prof. Lin has published papers in a number of international journals(such as Acta Informatic,ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, Information and Computation, Theoretical Computer Science, Formal Aspects of Comuting) and conferences(such as ICALP, TAPSOFT, ETAPS, PSTV, CONCUR). He has served in program committees for many international conferences.