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ISCAS was founded in 1985, on the basis of the software division of the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS. The initial staff consists of less than 100 researchers, including some pioneers in China’s computer science research and software development.

Since 1985, we have successfully completed hundreds of research and development projects. The contributions of our researchers have been recognized highly, as indicated by the numerous prizes given by the state government. In particular, Prof. C.S. Tang, a senior researcher of ISCAS, is the only computer scientist in China who has won a first-class prize of the prestigious National Natural Science Award.

In the 1990’s, ISCAS experienced a period of rapid growth and the number of employees once reached 575. In recent years, in keeping with on-going reforms in China, ISCAS has also conducted internal reform and restructuring in order to increase its productivity and influence. Many engineers in the institute joined the Sinosoft Co. Ltd., which is a spin-off of ISCAS. On the other hand, 8 talented researchers and professors from foreign universities joined ISCAS.

In 2002, the Chinese Academy of Sciences appointed Dr. Mingshu Li as the new director of ISCAS. Mr. Yucheng Li and Dr. Tao Huang were appointed as deputy directors. They are young and energetic, and devoted to the development of the institute.

Currently our research staff is roughly divided into two teams of researchers: The first team is mainly carrying out fundamental research on the frontiers of computer science and engineering, while the second team focuses on cutting-edge software technology research and software systems that will directly benefit the national economy.