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ISCAS has built up close relationships with more than 40 countries on academic exchange and technology cooperation.Almost one hundred overseas researchers and entrepreneurs are invited every year.It is worth mentioning that the winners of ACM Turing Award Amir Pnueli,Tony Hoare,Andrew Yao,and a galaxy of scientists have been here and given lectures.

With some international academic committees,ISCAS hold many important conferences,such as the Technology of Object-Oriented Language and System International Conference,the International Conference on Information and Communication Security,the 1st International Conference on World Wide Web Technology and Application in Asia,the Asia Logic and Software Engineering International Conference,the Asia Logic Conference,the Asian Paciffic Computer and Human Interface Conference and so on.All of these contribute greatly to the academic communication,talents growth and research promotion in the world.

With the rapid economy globalization and a research level being recognized universally,ISCAS gradually sets up cooperation with famous universities,research institutes and enterprises in other countries.

Meeting with Bill H.Gates,Chairman of Microsoft Corporation.

Prof. Andrew Yao,Academician of the Academy of Sciences of U.S. and Turing Award Winner is invited to be an honorary professor of the Insitute.

Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman,the Minister of the Ministry of SCIence and Technology of Pakistan is visiting the Institute.

Mr.Susumu Koike,President of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.Ltd. is being given abadge of the Academy as a present.