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Dr Alexander Bentkamp Won Three Dissertation Awards Because of His PhD Thesis Superposition for Higher-Order Logic 2022-08-30
Deep memory of Dr. Barry William Boehm 2022-08-24
Concurrent theory and formal verification Joint Conference (CONFESTA 2018) was inaugurated on Sep.4th 2018-09-17
Shuzhi Sam Ge, Academician of Singapore Academy of Engineering, and his Delegation Came to ISCAS for Academic Visit 2018-06-26
CASA 2018 Held Successfully in ISCAS 2018-06-07
Tianzhi-1 Uses Internet’s Open Source, Ready For Public Use 2018-04-09
China-Austria Roundtable on Information and Communications Technology Held at ISCAS 2017-03-23
Assoc. Prof. Carsten Witt Visits Institute of Software 2014-04-18
Prof. Jean-Francois Monin Visits Institute of Software 2014-03-31
Prof. Feng Qin Visits Institute of Software 2013-06-28
Assoc. Prof. Qi Han Visits Institute of Software 2013-05-14
Assoc Prof. Paolo Bottoni Visits Institute of Software 2013-05-09
Prof. Edmund M. Clarke Visits Institute of Software 2013-04-23
Turing Year in China 2012 was held 2012-06-13
The 2011 ARTIST Summer School held in Beijing 2011-09-28
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