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Researchers Propose a Novel Strategy for Detecting Hands Efficiently 2019-04-08
Researchers Achieve Decision Procedures for Solving String Constraints with Complex Operations 2019-04-03
To match up to the implementation, we present a unified framework for throughput analysis of SDFGs deal with different memory abstractions 2019-04-01
Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction for Muti-Dimensional Sequences 2019-04-01
Weak QMV algebras and some ring-like structures 2019-04-01
Implicit Detection of Parkinson's Disease from Everyday Activities 2019-04-01
Visualizing and Analyzing Video Content With Interactive Scalable Maps 2019-04-01
A Comprehensive Study on Real World Concurrency Bugs in Node.js 2019-03-04
From Fresnel Diffraction Model to Fine-grained Human Respiration Sensing with Commodity Wi-Fi Devices 2019-03-04
Toward Adaptive Sensory Data Fusion for Detecting Highway Traffic Conditions in Real Time 2019-03-04
Mining User-Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns in Document Streams 2017-06-05
Learning Graph-based POI Embedding for Location-based Recommendation 2017-06-02
Fredholm Multiple Kernel Learning for Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation 2017-06-01
10M-Core Scalable Fully-Implicit Solver for Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Dynamics (ACM Gordon Bell Prize) 2017-05-31
Solving Linear Optimization over Arithmetic Constraint Formula 2017-05-30
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