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Scientist Develop a High-performance Detection and Repair Tools for ReDoS-vulnerability 2021-07-27
Scientists Develop a Software-based Method to Prevent Newly Raised Practical Threats against Mobile Devices and Cloud Platforms 2019-12-03
Researchers Propose an Effective Method for Detecting Concurrency Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities 2019-12-03
Scientists Develop A new topology-preserving simplification method for Medial Axes in 3D Models 2019-11-07
Scientists Develop A New Method for Image Composition of Partially Occluded Objects 2019-11-04
Scientists Develop A New Method for Detecting Intrinsic Symmetries on 3D Models 2019-11-04
Scientists Improve Texture Filtering with Structure-aware Window Optimization 2019-08-29
Scientists Develop A Novel Multitask Learning Method for Surface Reconstruction and Image Synthesis 2019-08-29
Coverage of Fuzz Testing in Software Vulnerability Detection enhanced via Machine Learning Path-Input Correlation 2019-11-07
Researchers Propose a Novel Scheduler for Managing Data Center Resources Efficiently 2019-11-07
SketchGAN: Joint Sketch Completion and Recognition with Generative Adversarial Network 2019-11-07
Researchers Propose a Novel Strategy for Detecting Hands Efficiently 2019-04-08
Researchers Achieve Decision Procedures for Solving String Constraints with Complex Operations 2019-04-03
To match up to the implementation, we present a unified framework for throughput analysis of SDFGs deal with different memory abstractions 2019-04-01
Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction for Muti-Dimensional Sequences 2019-04-01
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