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One of the objectives of ISCAS is to help establish a globally competitive software industry in China. Thus far, we have done so by transferring knowledge and expertise to partly or fully-owned private companies. Furthermore, ISCAS has devoted enormous financial and technological resources as well as highly skilled personnel to the software industry for many large-scale application development and system integration projects. Currently, the industries benefiting from our software companies include:
  • Insurance/banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Commerce
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Petro-chemical industry
  • Tobacco
  • Postal services
  • Government

The key holding companies (either by assets or technology) of ISCAS are NFS-China Software Co.,Ltd. SinoSoft Co., Ltd., Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. and CASKY eTech Co., Ltd. Some of these key companies have already been recognized by the State Science and Technology Ministry of China as being one of the 16 backbone enterprises of Beijing Software Park. With our role in the software industry, ISCAS is also leading the development of standardization of the technology through our investments in China’s software companies.

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