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International Visiting Scholars Program Policies


1. The International Visiting Scholars Program (hereafter simply “the program”) is designed to promote international collaboration in research by attracting outstanding scientists and young scholars to visit the Institute of Software.

2. Visitors through the program include distinguished scholars, visiting scholars and post-doc researchers. Each visitor is hosted by a particular lab within the Institute.

3. Every year, the Institute will invite at most 10 distinguished researchers to visit for one week or more. In addition, the Institute will invite about 20 young scholars from internationally recognized institutions, typically visiting for at least one month and up to one year.

4. During the visit, a distinguished researcher is expected to take part in activities including, but not limited to: giving a research talk, learning about current research in the Institute, discussing with graduate students, advising the Institute regarding its research program. A young visiting scholar will be involved in close collaboration with the host lab. A young scholar will give at least one seminar, participate in the research projects of the host lab, and advise graduate students.

5. Labs within the Institute can recommend candidate visitors. The host lab should coordinate research activities of the visitors. Together with the Institute’s Division of Science and Technology, the host lab should also arrange for the seminars.

6. Interested scholars should contact a lab with which they would like to work. A formal application to the International Visiting Scholar Program requires a completed application form. Along with the host lab, the Institute’s Division of Science and Technology is responsible for visits of less than six months, and the Institute’s Graduate Student Affairs Office is responsible for visits of six months or longer.

7. Ownership of intellectual property developed during the visit will be determined by a separate written agreement signed by the visitor and the Institute.

8. To support the program, the Institute will set aside ¥1,000,000 RMB in special funds each year.

9. Participants will be offered financial support to cover their living expenses. Distinguished scholars will be supported at ¥10,000-15,000 RMB per week. Professors will be funded at ¥5000-8000 RMB per week. Associate professors will be supported at ¥15,000 per month. Assistant professors will be supported at ¥10,000 RMB per month. Post-doctorate researchers will be supported at ¥8,000 RMB per month. Funding for this support is to be shared between the Institute and the host lab, each providing 50% of the funds.

10. The above amounts are intended to cover all expenses, including room, board, and computing support.


Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
May 15, 2007 


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