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The inaugural issue of IJSI


ISCAS publishes the inaugural issue of  "International Journal of Software and Informatics"

Volume 1, No.1, Dec. 2007 (published online 29 Dec. 2007 )

1 Editorial
   Ruqian Lu 
3 Some Results on Matchgates and Holographic Algorithms
   Jin-Yi Cai, Vinay Choudhary
37 Desiderata for Languages to be Used in the Definition of Reference Business Processes
   Liming Zhu, Leon J. Osterweil, Mark Staples, Udo Kannengiesser, Borislava I. Simidchieva
67 Entropy-Inspired Competitive Clustering Algorithms
   Daoqiang Zhang, Songcan Chen, Zhi-Hua Zhou
85 A Modal Characterization of r-Bisimilarity
   Jinjin Zhang, Zhaohui Zhu
101 Coordinated Recovery of Middleware Services: A Framework and Experiments
   Hong Mei, Gang Huang, Tiancheng Liu, Junguo Li
129 An Institutional View on Categorical Logic
    Joseph Goguen, Till Mossakowski, Valeria de Paiva, Florian Rabe, Lutz Schröder