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The 2011 ARTIST Summer School held in Beijing


 The 2011 ARTIST Summer School in China was held in 8th–12th August in Beijing at SKLCS (the State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences). This was an event organized and funded by ARTIST (The ArtistDesign - European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design) with complementary funding from IDEA4CPS and SKLCS of which SKLCS was the local organizer of the event. The lectures were from university of Porto, Lund University, University of Aalborg, Technical University of Denmark, and Technical University of Dortmund, respectively. These top European lecturers from ARTIST have provided a world-class full week program consisting of in-depth tutorials on state-of-the-art techniques for the design and analysis of embedded systems. For increasing the interaction between the local research community and the European lectures, Chinese researchers have been invited to provide presentations sharing their recent work with the lectures and the participants of the summer school. The summer school has attracted over 100 participants from 8 institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 19 universities, and 5 companies and research centers including Intel China and Alcatel-Lucent.