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Turing Year in China 2012 was held



Turing Year in China 2012 was held in May 16,2012,at Building 5, fourth floor lecture hall in the Chinese Academy of Sciences software(ISCAS).In this connection, kicked off a series of activities to commemorate the centenary of renowned scientists Turing.

Guests attended the event include John E.Hopcroft, he is the professor at Cornell University, 1986 Turing Award winner. S.Barry Cooper, he is the professor at the University of Leeds, President of the Association Computability in Europe, and is Chair of the Truing Centenary Advisory Committee(TCAC) which is co-ordinating the Alan Truing Year. Jon Kleinberg, he is an American compter scientist, MzcArthur Fellow,Nevanlinna Prize winner. Wei Li, he is Chinese Academy of Sciences. And other domestic and foreign guests.There are nearly 200 scholars from home and abroad and several news media attended the event.The meeting was presided over by the researcher Angsheng Li from ISCAS.

June 23, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of famous British scientist Alan Turing.Turing was a great scientist, he not only had a major impact on scientific development in the field of mathematics, computer science, information science, artificial intelligence, more importantly, his profound scientific research behind the thinking.China is facing new challenges of 21st century scientific and technological change, organized The Tring Year in China 2012 is necessary and important for China's scientific development.

Subsequently, Turing Lecture 2012 was held, John E.Hopcroft  gave a on the Impact of Truing Machines report. S.Barry Cooper gave a From Truing Machine to Morphogenesis-Forming and Informing Comptetaion report.

Under the arrangement,Turing Lecture 2012,China Science Future Star, 9th Annual Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation,TAMC 2012 were held in May 16 to 21.Turing Lecture 2012 invited seven scientists academic lectures, including three Turing Award winners. These presentations are open to domestic scholars and students.