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CASA 2018 Held Successfully in ISCAS


The 31st international conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA 2018) has been held successfully in Beijing, China, from May 21-23, 2018. This conference was organized by the state key laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS), with financial support from CA S, and in cooperation with Computer Graphics Society and ACM SIGGRAPH. The conference co-chairs are Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann (MIRALab, University of Geneva, Switzerland and NTU, Singapore) and Professor Enhua Wu (ISCAS and University of Macau, China), and the program co-chairs are Professor Daniel Thalmann (EPFL, Switzerland), Associate Professor Leonid Sigal (University of British Columbia, Canada) and Professor Wang Wencheng (ISCAS, China)


There are over 100 attendee in the conference, from United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherland, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China. They had a wide and hot communication and discussion on the development of the techniques for computer animation and social agents, especially in the age that AI and VR are popular. In the conference, there are two keynote speeches, “Robust SFM and SLAM in Challenging Environments” by Professor Hujun Bao from Zhejiang University, and “Animation Characters: Data-driven Simulation and Biped Motion Capture” by Associate Professor Leonid Sigal from University of British Columbia. Two workshops were arranged with the titles “Realistic Immersion with Virtual Humans” and “Natural Interaction Techniques and Applications” respectively. 48 accepted papers were presented and discussed. At the end, three papers were given the best paper awards, which are authored by the team from Bournemouth University, the united team led by Guangdong University of Technology, and the team from Zhejiang University, respectively. The next conference was announced to be held in Paris, France, 2019.


This conference provides a good opportunity for international attendee to communicate and learn from each other, and promotes the international influence of Chinese scholars in this discipline.


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