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ISCAS-UQ cooperation strengthened as new Joint Lab launched


ISCAS and the University of Queensland officially furthered their cooperation in software area. The opening ceremony of the Joint Lab for Data and Software Engineering between ISCAS and School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland (UQ ITEE) was held on October 13th, 2008 at ISCAS’ Central Hall.


There has been extensive cooperation between ISCAS and UQ ITEE on database and software engineering research. Since early 2007, ISCAS and ITEE have built close relationship on academic communication which delivered great satisfactory. After constant promotion efforts of Prof. Paul Strooper and Prof. Zhou Xiaofang, the two parties attempted to make it firmly and substantially, and then stretched the cooperation to areas including co-cultivation of graduate student, project application and cooperative paper-writing, and etc. On this base, ISCAS and UQ ITEE moved to the next stage, to build “the Joint Lab for Data and Software Engineering”.


On October 13, 2008, a ten-member’s delegation of UQ arrived at Beijing and met with the ISCAS. Distinguished guests attended the ceremony include: Prof. Wang Enge, Deputy Secretary General of CAS, Zhang Shizhuan, Deputy Director of Division of American & Oceanian Affairs of BICCAS, Prof. Li Mingshu, Director General of ISCAS, Zhao Chen, Deputy Director General of ISCAS and Liu Kelong, Director of S&T Division of ISCAS, and etc. Prof. Zhao Chen hosted it and Prof. Li Mingshu and Prof. Paul Greenfield, Vice-Chancellor and President of UQ both gave speeches. Then, Prof. Wang Enge expressed confidence in future prosperity and thought highly of the cooperation. In a pleasant atmosphere, the two sides announced the opening of the joint lab and signed the MOU.


According to the MOU, ISCAS and UQ ITEE, as co-founders of the Joint Lab for Data and Software Engineering, will use the opportunity to deepen communication and strengthen cooperation on researchers’ and students’ exchange, PhD students co-cultivation, joint researches and projects on training and education, academic conferences, academic information and publication exchange and some other academic activities to both sides’ concern.


ISCAS and UQ ITEE not only have common research area, but also have its own advantages. Founding of the joint lab will help ISCAS and UQ ITEE share each other’s academic fruits, improve research level and train the elites on software research. It will, for sure, strengthen the academic ability of our institute and the influence to the world, and we both sides will make outstanding contributions for mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Australian people.