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SKLOIS and King Saud University Reached A Cooperation Agreement


After pre-exchange and discussions, the State Key Laboratory of Information Security (SKLOIS) and Prince Muqrin Chair for IT Security at King Saud University reached a cooperation agreement. Both parties agreed to carry out research cooperation activities such as doing joint research project in information security, promoting the teachers and researchers to visit each other and participating in the recruitment of visit professors, guiding graduate students jointly, holding bilateral seminar and training courses and so on, in the forthcoming two years.


On June 9, 2009, delegates from both of the parties formally sign a cooperation agreement, Chunli Bai, the deputy dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Anqari, minister of Education in Saud; attended the signing ceremony. On June 10, leaders and researchers of the SKLOIS exchanged more ideas with the guest from Saudi, discussed the possibility of building a joint laboratory of Prince Muqrin Chair for IT Security in Beijing and had a thorough discussion and communication on details of cooperation.


This signed agreement is a great step of the SKLOIS in international exchange and cooperation. This is helpful to enhance the international influence of the SKLOIS and also promote the information security research in Saudi Arabia.