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[12-11]Seminar on verification in type theory


Title: Formalisation and Verification in a Type-theoretic Framework
Speaker: Prof. LUO Zhaohui
               Dept of Computer Science,
               Royal Holloway, Univ of London

Time:  3pm, Tuesday Dec. 11
Venue: Lecture room, Lab for Computer Science, Level 3 Building #5,
           Institute of Software, CAS


Dependent type theory provides a powerful logical calculus for computer-assisted formal reasoning.  The associated technology of theorem proving has produced very useful tools, the so-called “proof assistants”, for formal proof development both in the verification of programs and in the formalisation of mathematics. 

After giving an overview of the research field, I shall present a new type-theoretic framework LTT and explain its use in formalisation and verification.  The particular features of the LTT framework include:

·LTT is a foundational calculus for formal reasoning with different logical foundations, establishing the basis for wider applications of the type theory based theorem proving technology. 

·LTT employs a notion of “typed set”, combining the type-theoretical reasoning with the set-theoretical reasoning in an effective way and supporting efficient proof development in formalisation and verification. 

As a promising framework, LTT has been used in several case studies, including the formalisation of Weyl’s predicative mathematics and the analysis of security protocols.