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[1-4]Eiffel: Programs that test themselves


Title: Eiffel: Programs that test themselves
Speaker: Bertrand Meyer 
    Professor of Software Engineering at ETH Zürich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Time:9:30am,JAN 4,2008
Venue:Lecture room, Lab for Computer Science, Level 3 Building #5, Institute of Software, CAS

Testing is the most practical technique of program verification but remains both tedious and unsystematic; the main problem is that test cases are generated manually, with little information available from the program itself.  The situation changes if the programming language makes it possible to equip programs with contracts: then test cases can be generated from the contracts, and testing becomes completely automatic. We have applied these ideas to the development of AutoTest, a "pubsh-button" testing framework for the automatic testing of Eiffel classes. The talk presents AutoTest and related developments, in particular the automatic synthesis and minimization of test cases from failed executions.  The talk will conclude with a general de ion of developments in Eiffel, including industrial and academic applications and the development of the language.