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[6-16]Mobile Filtering for Data Collection in Sensor Networks and Beyond


Title: Mobile Filtering for Data Collection in Sensor Networks and Beyond

Speaker: Dr. Dan Wang(Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Time: 4:00pm, June 16

Venue: Room 815, Building#5


In wireless sensor networks, filters, which suppress data update reports within predefined error bounds, effectively reduce the traffic volume for continuous data collection. All prior filter designs, however, are stationary in the sense that each filter is attached to a specific sensor node and remains stationary over its lifetime. In this talk, we discuss mobile filter, a novel design that explores migration of filters to maximize overall traffic reduction. A mobile filter moves upstream along the data collection path, with its residual size being updated according to the collected data. Intuitively, this migration extracts and relays unused filters, leading to more proactive suppressing of update reports.
In this talk, we will focus more on how the work is done rather than the specific details of the work itself. We will also discuss some related sensor network topics.


Dr. Dan Wang is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Computing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has worked intensively in the field of networking and communication, with specialties on high performance routing, distributed algorithms and protocols. His recent interest is in wireless, mobile sensor networks, and peer to peer networks. He has publications in leading international journals and conferences, e.g., ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE ICDCS, etc.
Dr. Wang obtained his B.Sc from Peking University, Beijing, China; M.Sc from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA and Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada; all from computer science. In the past, he has worked as a visiting/research assistant in CWRU-NASA Glenn center, Ohio, USA, NEC Research, New Jersey, USA, Microsoft Research, Asia, and Hong Kong Baptist University.