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[6-27]On Authorization under Qualification and Security Constraints


Title: On Authorization under Qualification and Security Constraints

Speaker: Sun Yuqing

Time: 10:30 am, June 27

Venue: Lecture room, Level 5 Building #5, ISCAS


We study the problem of assigning permissions to users while satisfying constraints motivated by business and security requirements. In particular,  we focus on Role Based Access Control (RBAC) systems. Whether a user is qualified for a role depends on whether his/her qualification satisfies the role’s requirements. Also, the user-role assignment is subject to a variety of other constraints, such as mutual exclusion constraints, role cardinality constraints, and user capacity constraints. We study how to check whether a user-role assignment is valid in a configuration, how to determine whether there exists a valid user-role assignment that satisfies all constraints, and how to compute such a valid user role assignment.

Prof. Sun Yuqing:

Sun Yuqing is currently an associate professor in the School of Computer Science and Technology at ShanDong University, and the director of the Department of Electronic Business. She received her BSc, Master and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Technology from Shandong University.<>She has been a visiting scholar in Hongkong University (Hongkong) from September until December of 2005 and a visiting scholar from May of 2007 until April of 2008 in the Department of Computer Science and CERIAS at Purdue University (US). Her research activities are related to various topics: access control model and technology; security policy; security in web services; workflow management; trust management. She has published more than twenty papers in international conferences and journals in recent years. She received the First-class of 2006 Outstanding Computer Application Award of Shandong Province. She is the primary investigator of the Momentous Science Development Plan Program of Shandong province and attends a few national and local research projects. She reviews for many journals and has served on the program committees of many international conferences. Currently, she is serving on the program committees of EDOC2008, SCC2008, ICMLC 2008, MUE2008, ICESS 2008, ICPCA 2008 etc.