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[2019-1-3] In-Network Support for End-to-End Diagnostics and Security


Title: In-Network Support for End-to-End Diagnostics and Security


Speaker: 陈昂(Assistant Professor)Rice University


Time: 2019年1月3日(周四)上午10点


Venue: 软件所5号楼3层334报告厅


Abstract: One emerging trend of today's networks is that they are becoming highly programmable. Such programmability brings unique opportunities unfound in traditional, fixed-function networks. In this talk, I will describe our recent work in leveraging programmable data planes for network diagnosis and security. The first part of the talk revolves around a logical abstraction called "temporal provenance". This abstraction models the processing of requests in distributed systems for diagnosis, and can be supported by new in-network telemetry primitives. The second part of the talk describes how network programmability enables advanced policies for context-aware security.


Biography: Ang Chen is an assistant professor of Computer Science at Rice University. He works on distributed systems, with a particular interest in making them more reliable. Before Rice, he received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Ang loves life and hopes that you do too!