Formalized Approach for Componentized Software Process Modeling


To address the problems of current approaches in software process reuse, in particular the low efficiency in reuse for the operational rules and for the lack of a precise definition of process components, a formalized approach for componentized software process modeling (CSPM) is presented in this paper. CSPM provides a mechanism to support the formal definition of reusable software process components and presents a series of rules to turn process components into a process model. By using CSPM, the reusage of process components can be conducted in a rigorous manner, and the potential errors caused by ambiguity in traditional non-formal modeling methods can be effectively avoided. CSPM can also turn the verification of a combined process model, against certain properties, into a series of sub-problems into its own corresponding components, making an original infeasible problem, under certain circumstances, into feasible ones by exponentially reducing the state space needed to be explored.

Zhai J, Yang QS, Xiao JC, Li MS. Formalized approach for componentized software process modeling. Journal of Software, 2011,22(1):1-16.