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[6-25]Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Software Engineering 2009-06-21
[6-17]The Future of Computer Science 2009-06-08
[6-16]Introducting SMT with parametric theories and the Decision Procedure Toolkit 2009-06-14
[6-16]Large Scale Simulation and Ordering for Parallel Sparse Matrix Computation 2009-06-14
The 2nd ISCAS/USC/UMass Joint Workshop on Trustworthy Software Systems 2009-05-30
[5-26]On the Correctness of Programming Languages 2009-05-24
[5-22]Modeling and Implementation of Moving Objects Databases 2009-05-17
[5-21]On Parameter Choices for Gurususami-Sudan Algorithm 2009-05-17
[5-11]A resource-aware picalculus 2009-05-04
[4-23]Two Seminars on Thursday from AIST 2009-04-19
[4-20]Modular Concurrency Verification 2009-04-19
[4-2]Organizational Volatility and Developer Productivity 2009-03-30
[3-30]Adaptation in Dynamic Computing Systems: Two Perspectives 2009-03-29
[3-18]Surreptitious Software - Techniques for protecting against software piracy, tampering and ... 2009-03-17
[1-7]Decision Algorithms for Probabilistic Simulations 2008-12-30
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