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[6-16]Efficient Bulk Transport and Mobility Control in Wireless Sensor Networks 2008-06-13
[6-13]A Course of Temporal Logic for B.Sc.and... 2008-06-10
[6-10]Verification as a Parameterized Testing 2008-06-05
[6-10]Product Line Architectures: Generating ... 2008-06-04
[6-6]Program Systems Institute of RAS 2008-06-03
[6-3]Short courses on Approximation Algorithms 2008-05-28
[6-27]RT: A Role-based Trust-management Framework 2008-05-26
[6-26]How to make Discretionary Access Control ... 2008-05-26
[5-4]Rule-based modeling of cellular signalling 2008-05-03
[4-30]Artifacts+Semantics=Goal-based Workflow... 2008-04-29
[4-22]Verification of Higher-Order Computation 2008-04-17
[4-21]Efficient Query Answering over Ontologies 2008-04-14
[3-28]Formal Model Driven Design 2008-03-24
[3-28]Tool supported real-time system verification 2008-03-24
[2-26]Verifiers are Programs 2008-02-25
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