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[2009-1-5]An Introduction to Parametric Search and Its Applications 2009-01-03
[12-23]Modified Fourier Analysis 2008-12-21
[12-9]APL is Very Productive, Versatile and Easy to Learn 2008-12-05
[12-8]Test Generation with Grammars and Covering Arrays 2008-12-04
[12-4]Signal Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks 2008-12-02
[12-2]Synthesis of Designs from Property Specifications 2008-11-24
[11-5]A Pictorial Introduction to Separation Logic 2008-10-29
[10-23]Simulation-Based Planning, Re-Planning and Stability Analysis for Operational Release Plans 2008-10-21
[10-14]Combining Development and Property Evaluation of Parallel Computational Models ... 2008-10-12
[10-10]Netquest, a declarative approach for networking 2008-10-06
[9-29]Performance Analysis and Optimization of Parallel Scientific Applications on ... 2008-09-23
[9-17]Belief Revision in Description Logics and Its Application to the Semantic Web 2008-09-15
[9-3]A Revival of Data Dependencies for Improving Data Quality 2008-09-03
[8-26]From clear specifications to efficient implementations 2008-08-26
[8-26]Efficient Policy Analysis for Administrative Role Based Access Control 2008-08-26
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