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[8-7]Physics-based Modeling, Dynamic Simulation, and Applications 2008-08-03
[8-1]Taming the Uncertainty in Supporting Distributed Sensor Applications 2008-07-31
[7-18]Cryptographic logical relations 2008-07-15
[7-24]Fault Tolerance for PetaScale Systems: Current Knowledge, Challenges and Opportunities 2008-07-15
[7-24]A Bridge Between Desktop Grids and Service Grids 2008-07-15
[7-8]Imperative Programs on Numbers: Mechanization of Loop Invariant Generation and Loop Termination 2008-07-07
[7-8]On Distributed Resource Sharing 2008-07-03
[6-27]On Authorization under Qualification and Security Constraints 2008-06-18
[6-26]Specification and Enforcement of Flexible Security Policy for Active Cooperation 2008-06-18
[6-23]the mini course on temporal logic 2008-06-18
[6-21]Lecture on Computer Science and Technology(ICT) 2008-06-19
[6-20]Software Security Problems and Solutions... 2008-06-12
[6-19]Smart In-situ Sensor Web for Volcano Monitoring 2008-06-18
[6-19]Mobile Sensor Network under Extremely Low Connectivity: Plan B 2008-06-17
[6-16]Mobile Filtering for Data Collection in Sensor Networks and Beyond 2008-06-13
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