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[2020-01-14]Groebner Bases: Universality, Parametricity and Canonicity 2020-01-13
[2019-12-26] Interaction with Large and Multiple Displays 2020-01-13
[2019-12-20] Proving that Programs are Differentially Private" "Quantitative information flow: when is one leak worse than another?" 2019-12-23
[2019-12-18] Quantum Computing Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities 2019-12-23
[12-10] Compositional Techniques for the Verification of a Separation Micro-kernel for Multi-Core Architectures 2019-12-23
[12-20] Toward AI-Assisted UX Analysis Methods: Leveraging Subtle Verbalization and Speech Patterns to Help Evaluators Identify UX Problems in Think-Aloud Usability Testing 2019-12-23
[11-20] Logipedia: towards a Wikipedia of formal proofs 2019-12-23
[10-25] Software Engineering Issues in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019-12-23
[09-23] View-Centric Performance Optimization for Database-Backed Web Applications 2019-12-23
[9-17] On Solving String Constraints 2019-12-23
[08-14] High-Performance Software Development Challenges in the Post-Moore Era 2019-12-23
[08-21] Scalable Analysis and Control of Boolean Networks 2019-12-23
[07-16] Sapienz deployment at Facebook 2019-12-23
[07-17] Beyond NP Revolution 2019-12-23
[07-03] Formal Proofs of Tarjan's Strongly Connected Components Algorithm in Why3, Coq and Isabelle 2019-12-23
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