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[7-30]Using Structured Events to Predict Stock Price Movement 2015-07-27
[7-23]Visual Analytics for Urban Informatics and E-Learning 2015-07-20
[7-17]Data Privacy in the Big Data Age 2015-07-16
[7-16]Heat kernels in graphs: A journey from random walks to geometry, and back 2015-07-14
[7-16]Visual Analytics of Big Complex Networks 2015-07-13
[7-10]Synthesis of Timed Admission Controllers 2015-07-09
[7-10]Learning Effective Representations with Electronic Health Records 2015-07-09
[Paper sub. Sep. 8] Call for Papers ---- ICICS 2015 2015-06-15
[5-27]Averting Distributed Covert Channels Through Mathematics-Based Design 2015-05-25
[5-14]Separability of Bosonic Systems 2015-05-08
[5-12]Is Your Storage System Reliable? 2015-05-08
[5-8]Sequential algorithms (old and new) 2015-05-06
[5-8]A Synergistic Analysis Method for Explaining Failed Regression Tests 2015-04-22
[4-22]Why Formal Modeling Language Semantics Matters 2015-04-10
[4-13]Approximating Labelled Markov Again! 2015-04-07
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