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[12-17]Statistical And Computational Challenges For Investigating Microbial Interaction Networks 2015-12-16
[12-16]Fully Automated Shape Analysis Based on Forest Automata 2015-12-08
[11-10]Hybrid Vortex Model for Efficient Diffusive, Turbulent Smoke Simulations 2015-11-10
[10-18]7th ISCAS/USC/UMASS/NICTA Joint WORKSHOP 2015-10-14
[10-8]When Cryptocurrencies Mine Their Own Business 2015-09-30
[9-29]Formal Verification of Simulink/Stateflow Diagrams 2015-09-25
[9-15]Post-silicon Functional Validation with Virtual Prototypes 2015-09-14
[9-14]Expressiveness of Communication Primitives 2015-09-14
[8-28]the evolutionary benefit of recombination 2015-08-17
[8-12]On Coinduction and Quantum Lambda Calculi 2015-08-11
[7-31]Learning Representation for Fine-Grained Text Analysis 2015-07-28
[7-30]Improving Topic Models with Latent Feature Word Representations 2015-07-27
[7-30]Using Structured Events to Predict Stock Price Movement 2015-07-27
[7-23]Visual Analytics for Urban Informatics and E-Learning 2015-07-20
[7-17]Data Privacy in the Big Data Age 2015-07-16
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