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[6-14]The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Uncovering Novel Opportunities of Data Science 2016-06-13
[6-8]Foundations of Deep Learning 2016-06-06
[6-6]Why Is Software Architecture Important? 2016-06-01
[5-26]Sort Race 2016-05-25
[5-24]Latent Representations for Information Retrieval 2016-05-20
[5-16]On the Road to Exascale and Beyond, Intelligent Restarted Linear Algebra Methods 2016-05-13
[4-21]Data-driven technology-enabled business intelligence 2016-04-19
[4-21]The Many Faces of Sequence Data Processing 2016-04-19
[4-21]An I/O Efficient Approach for Detecting All Accepting Cycles 2016-04-19
[4-18]Predictive Modeling of information Spreading in Social Networks 2016-04-14
[4-7]Multivariable Algorithmics 2016-04-05
[3-15]Agile Formal Engineering Methods for Software Productivity and Reliability 2016-03-11
[3-2]utomated-Reasoning Revolution: From Theory to Practice and Back 2016-02-29
[2016-1-21]The evolutionary benefits of recombination: A mathematical analysis 2016-01-15
[12-28]Graph Processing and Mining in the Era of Big Data 2015-12-25
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