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[3-24]Fake News: the View from Natural Language Generation 2017-03-22
[3-16]Understanding and Detecting Wake Lock Misuses for Android Applications 2017-03-13
[1-22]Context Model for 3D Scene Understanding 2017-01-20
[2017-1-10]Towards Better Adequacy of Neural Machine Translation 2017-01-09
[11-21]Adventures in Code Generation 2016-11-16
[11-18] Computer Assisted Mathematical Proofs: Successes and Limitations 2016-11-15
[10-31]Mining Input Grammars for Security 2016-10-27
[9-26]FDR3: current and recent developments in CSP model checking 2016-09-26
[9-14] Towards Engineering Green, Fast, and Reliable Mobile Applications 2016-09-09
[7-27]Computational Models of Referring and their place in Natural Language Generation 2016-07-26
[7-27]Integrative Network Analytics for Insights Generation from Massive Healthcare Data 2016-07-26
[7-1]Node Representation in Mining Heterogeneous Information Networks 2016-06-28
[6-30]Computational Approaches for Medical and Health Care Problems 2016-06-27
[6-29]Resource Management in Cyber-Physical Systems 2016-06-27
[6-15]Dynamic Program Analyses and Their Applications 2016-06-14
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