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[06-25] Bi-Kronecker Functional Decision Diagrams: A Novel Canonical Representation of Boolean Functions 2019-12-23
[07-05] Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems: Dream or Reality? 2019-12-23
[6-20] Wearable Interactions Using Touch without a Touchscreen 2019-12-23
[06-12] Classification Program for Counting Problems 2019-12-23
[05-30] The mCRL2 behavioural specification language and tools, including new developments 2019-12-23
[05-21] Symbolic semantics for Open Systems and their Bisimulation algorithms. 2019-12-23
[05-17] Matching mu-logic: A powerful logic for specifying and reasoning about fixpoints and induction, programming languages, and program specification and verification. 2019-12-23
[05-20] Developing Game-Changing Embedded Intelligence 2019-12-23
[05-06] Towards Safety Verification of Autonomous Systems 2019-12-23
[04-29] Orthogonal arrays, covering arrays, and combinatorial testing 2019-12-23
[04-23] Dense Regions: A Different Type of Event in Graph Streams 2019-12-23
[04-23] Toward Smarter Continuous Integration: Automated Fault Finding and Fixing with Sapienz at Facebook 2019-12-23
[2019-03-29] Supporting Edge Computing through Resource Management and Energy Efficient Hardware Design 2019-12-23
[2019-01-09] Graph Based Nonparametric Testing for High Dimensional Data 2019-12-23
[2019-1-3] In-Network Support for End-to-End Diagnostics and Security 2019-12-23
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