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[2015-4-7]Big Data as a Powerful Source of Randomness 2015-04-02
[12-17]Cloud Computing, Big Data and Scalable Privacy Preservation 2014-12-16
[12-12]Communicating Transactions (a Survey) 2014-12-09
[12-8]Fast Sheet-defined Functions in Spreadsheets 2014-12-03
[12-2]Abstraction-based Computation of Reward Measures for Markov Automata 2014-12-01
[11-27]Quantum Simulation: Challenges and Opportunities 2014-11-25
[11-6]Efficient Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms for Bisimulation 2014-11-03
[10-28]Full Abstraction for a Probabilistic Functional Programming Language 2014-10-24
[9-12]INTrEPID: A project on energy optimization in buildings 2014-09-05
[9-9]A Safety-Critical Java Technology Compatibility Kit 2014-09-05
[8-25]Querying Big Data: Theory and Practice 2014-08-21
[8-14]Formal Semantics in Modern Type Theories: Is It Model-theoretic, Proof-theoretic, or Both? 2014-08-13
[7-29]Some Problems in Software Safety 2014-07-08
[7-24]Reusable tools for formal modeling of machine code 2014-07-18
[6-30]An Efficient Model Checking Algorithm of FG-LTL 2014-06-30
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